Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mini Haul! YEY!

Hey guys!
I was away this weekend, staying at a friends house at her university with a few other friends. So of course we were going on a big night out, despite the blizzard! So i made a really quick trip to a few shops for some last minute things on Saturday morning. First i went to Boots for the usual, new eyelashes and mini hairspray blah blah blah! But i was looking for a perfect lip colour to go with my black and white outfit, i had seen an advert for the MaxFactor Lipfinity lasting lip tints and was very interested. I always have really dry lips so lipstick for me is a nightmare, and i thought this would work for me..

I got mine in the colour 01 Pink Petal, which is really pretty. It was about £7.99 i think which is very reasonable, so will probably get a few more! It applies really well, and goes on quite wet and dries straight away. It also doesnt come off very easier either which is perfect for a night out.

I have been considering getting myself a Benefit High Beam for a while now, but whenever i'm going to buy it i start thinking 'Oh i'll wait till next time'. I just couldn't make my mind up, so i managed to get a sample size that is a tiny 2.5ml. But it is the perfect size for me to use up, and once its gone i can either buy the full size one or go for something different! I got it off eBay for a bargain too, £2.99!

Then, a few days ago when i was shopping, i went to Superdrug and had a look at the Look Beauty stand because i hadn't been in to see it yet. I was very impressed and ended up buying a blush that it a gorgeous daytime colour. I got mine in shade 5 Sculpt, that only has a slight shimmer so i find it ideal for during the day, or even work. The packaging also feels really retro and chunky which makes a nice change..

P.S I've had loads of fun writing this blog post so i will be doing it all the time! A couple of weeks ago i ordered a Sigma brush set that i can't wait to get :D I'll be writing about them as soon as they arrive!

Stay safe in the snow :)
Love Kirsty x

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Nails!

Like any girl, whenever i'm not at work, I have my nails painted! I love bright colours any time of year and Barry M makes up most of my collection! Although i'm going through a but of a Magnetic nails phase at the moment! I have found a gorgeous combination for nails that will look perfect this Christmas.

I recently purchased the Barry M colour 'Red Black' and that alone makes an ideal Christmas look. However, when i opened my December Glossybox I was SOOO excited at the nail varnish that came in it! It is by Deborah Lippmann and doesn't actually say the colour name! But it is an amazing dark redish, pink glittery colour.

I have had 'Red Black' on for the last couple of days and when i got my Glossybox this morning, i thought that this new one would look nice on the top of it, AND IT DOES! I love and and thought i'd share it :)

Sorry for the obviously bad quality but I couldn't find the wire the connect my iPhone! Haha so my webcam will have to do :)

Hope you like it!!
Kirsty xx