Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mini Haul! YEY!

Hey guys!
I was away this weekend, staying at a friends house at her university with a few other friends. So of course we were going on a big night out, despite the blizzard! So i made a really quick trip to a few shops for some last minute things on Saturday morning. First i went to Boots for the usual, new eyelashes and mini hairspray blah blah blah! But i was looking for a perfect lip colour to go with my black and white outfit, i had seen an advert for the MaxFactor Lipfinity lasting lip tints and was very interested. I always have really dry lips so lipstick for me is a nightmare, and i thought this would work for me..

I got mine in the colour 01 Pink Petal, which is really pretty. It was about £7.99 i think which is very reasonable, so will probably get a few more! It applies really well, and goes on quite wet and dries straight away. It also doesnt come off very easier either which is perfect for a night out.

I have been considering getting myself a Benefit High Beam for a while now, but whenever i'm going to buy it i start thinking 'Oh i'll wait till next time'. I just couldn't make my mind up, so i managed to get a sample size that is a tiny 2.5ml. But it is the perfect size for me to use up, and once its gone i can either buy the full size one or go for something different! I got it off eBay for a bargain too, £2.99!

Then, a few days ago when i was shopping, i went to Superdrug and had a look at the Look Beauty stand because i hadn't been in to see it yet. I was very impressed and ended up buying a blush that it a gorgeous daytime colour. I got mine in shade 5 Sculpt, that only has a slight shimmer so i find it ideal for during the day, or even work. The packaging also feels really retro and chunky which makes a nice change..

P.S I've had loads of fun writing this blog post so i will be doing it all the time! A couple of weeks ago i ordered a Sigma brush set that i can't wait to get :D I'll be writing about them as soon as they arrive!

Stay safe in the snow :)
Love Kirsty x

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  1. I passed on the versatile blogger award to you, check it out :) x